Now taking PreOrders for 2021 Needlework Expo. How to PreOrder. Go to our website to review current items listed under 2021 NEEDLEWORK EXPO *****Send your request via email to All PREORDERS need to be request before 3/5/21 These are current Designers and Patterns we will be getting. More will be added daily for preview. The FIRST "Needlework Expo 2021" Online Virtual Show will be held on March 6th - Marth 8th, 2021. ONCE we have the patterns in stock they will have a qty listed.

Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
Amelia Prescott and How Her Parents Did Educate Her 03/31/2021
GIVE IT TO GOD 03/31/2021
Christmas Morning 03/31/2021
Francis 1863 03/31/2021
Sophia Church 03/31/2021
Kindred Spirits of the Thread 03/31/2021
Little Virginie 1837 03/31/2021
A Haunting we will Go 03/31/2021
Rejoice Rejoice Snowmen 03/31/2021
Psalm 91:11 03/31/2021
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